My Complete XBOX 360 Games Collection (PART 9) HUGE - BIGGEST ON YOUTUBE

Part 9 of my XBOX 360 games collection.


  1. If anyone is selling GOW 1 2&3 mw2 bo2 assassins creed 1,3 and brotherhood then email me :
  2. the whole point of a collection-.- people who collect.. stamps dont use them haha?
  3. Sniper Ghost Warrior is a good sniping game.
  4. sponge bab jk
  5. u should make season 1 season 2 with 10 episodes each running 45 mins series of ur collection lol
  6. what is your gamerstag???
  7. My collection of 245 Xbox 360 games seems really small now.. damn you!! lol. Just picked up a few more yesterday, been concentrating on my original Xbox collection recently.
  8. you look like viktor reznov kind of Nice Collection
  9. @WolfgangDZ lol u got live? nice sauron helmet btw
  10. @WolfgangDZ lol u got live?
  11. You have the biggest collection i've ever seen :] Respect :]
  12. your gamescore must be huge... out of interest what is it?
  13. @efrenj2008 will do man :)
  14. holy crap!!!!i only have like 30 lol....keep it up man.
  15. @CubicSpartan Yeah but I bet they would rip me off :D lol
  16. @efrenj2008 currently 675 XBOX 360 games :)
  17. in total how many games do you have?
  18. could you imagine bringing your collection in to trade and save HOLY SHIT
  19. Soldier of Fortune Payback is another horrible game. The burger king games are hard to find for the 360. I've been looking for all 3.
  20. By the way Stuntman Ignition is a bad game. It kept telling me that I didn't get the shot everytime nomatter how many times it showed that I got the shot.

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