My Xbox 360 Collection (May 2014 Update)

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  1. I got dead rising 2
  2. I had just about half of them my collection was way over 200 games.
    But I traded in alot and kept the ones I really enjoyed and now have about 80.
  3. cooooool
  4. you dont have castlevania or i just missed it ?
  5. do you finish all of that games?
  6. I have got xbox 360 2015 collection
  7. how did you get those?
  8. do you have black ops 3
  9. Added a few games to my Amazon cart after watching this. :)
  10. Why don't you have Splatterhouse?
  11. nice collection buddy
  12. I have xbox360 2014. 4.can I update it?
  13. can i plese have
    29 games
  14. hey kid are you having manners
  15. I have all of them....
  16. Too Human Sucked!!!
  17. im at like 250 360 games with like 70 xbox one games not even includeing ps1 2 and pc games muhaha collections getting way to massive loved the article in game informer with history teacher he had every single system ever and game sold it for like 1.2 million
  18. Good thing I gotta Jtag, because Id never be able to rival this dude, that's thousands of dollars worth of gaming right there.
  19. Thats Battlefield Not Bad Company 2

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