My Xbox 360 Game Collection (January 2012)

This is my updated Xbox 360 game collection in its entirety. As requested by several subscribers. ANY QUESTION?? - leave a comment or PM and I will do my best to answer. Comment, Like and Subscribe for more :) Thank You!


  1. Oldgames1000. Why r u so rude.
  2. Bo1 for the win
  3. Why is your voice like that
  4. great video gil !
  5. Assassin's Creed?
  6. Why don't you have any grand theft auto's
  7. If you like the fable games you should vuy fable anniversary
  8. Why is your voice like that
  9. Hi i am anza i have some collection of games xbox 360 1 halo 4 2 call of duty black opps 3 forza horizon 4 amazing spider man 2 5 kinect adventure 6 kinect sport i am girl
  10. Cool video!!! Keep up the amazing work! Check out our most recent episode on our channel when you have a second and let me hear what u think.
  11. awesome collection
    check out my xbox 360 game collection
    channel vacboom
  12. And BTW i HIGHLY recommend getting the Left 4 Dead series if ur a big fan of the zombie scene lol forgot to say tht in my last comment
  13. Dirt 3 in my opinion would have to be one of the best racing games ive ever played on 360
  14. How come all British people sound so nice and friendly? Lol weird as it sounds I'm just wondering if it's just me XD
  15. Weak collection bra
  16. Can I have them?
  17. hey guys, its just gilbert LOL :) im not making fun of yoir name i just came up with the joke once i read the channle name and good collection bro
  18. Hey I just done a similar video to this check it out
  19. Cool
  20. Mw3 is best

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