NBA 2K YouTubers ARE INSIDE NBA 2K16!!!! Cash, Los, Jesser, LNU, Shake, LSK, QJB, Stax + MORE

Amidst all the IRL basketball footage 2K youtubers have been uploading recently, I figured it was time to bring them inside of 2K to play some games with them. This video was for fun, don't take anything to seriously. ★ Subscribe to join Team Zero: ★ Follow Me On Twitter for YouTube updates: ★ Watch My Twitch Live Streams: ★ Snapchat: dinmuktar ★ Ayo Podcast (NBA, NFL, Gaming Debates) - Beats Produced by: Pablo Beats, Markezi Producer, Feelo


  1. The video was so intense
  2. "I though about and realized... I don't really give a fuck"
  3. Who else thinks this guy has no life
  4. Wait agent was the bigger person damn but he was winning lol did you see the old guy waving his arms all around lol
  5. Agent*
  6. Yo aren't do this on 2k17
  7. this nigga sleep on a air bed
  8. You should remake this, but instead of making cash a character just put in Dennis Schroeder
  9. why doea agent 00 look like bruno mars to me
  10. yo toke is 6 foot 4 not 5 foot 10 dumbass
  11. R.I.P Agent's social life
  12. Agent keep asking why they so slow or why they can't shoot, just incase he didn't remember he made their overall
  13. respect. took on the punishment even though it wasnt ur own,
  14. For cash you should have done Draymond's face and Dennis Shroder's hair
  15. 1:24 wich youtuber is he??
  16. How do you get the nba player's face?
  17. can you mack your fans
  18. What roster is this
  19. Bring this back
  20. low key i would've just gave fredo dangelo russell character

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