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  1. lsk be looking like a personal trainer
  2. cash go one on one with lsk.
  3. im f*ckin triggered los is such a cry baby
  4. Does anyone else fucking hate Los?
  5. Lnu garbage
  6. Lsk is so tall
  7. I am still asking myself how the fuck LNU beat Flight?
  8. LNU is garbage he needs to stop playing basketball
  9. you thrash
  10. cash suck in ball he does the same moves i wiil strap him
  11. Lost ma nigga.... U can't play Basketball .. U are totally LOST...
  12. No wager? That's so un-American
  13. Lost traveled so much lol
  14. lsk has mike wasolski's arms
  15. I thot cash and the 2kcommunity hate lnu but here he is
  16. Cash is selfish
  17. LSK is the only one who is 6ft.
  18. LSK the type of nigga to wear all the gear and still can't hoop
  19. Los is a freaking baby
  20. Los is asking for the ball when he can't make it😂

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