New £5 Note Can Play Vinyl Records

I heard that it was possible to listen to vinyl records using one of the new plastic British £5 notes, but does it work? Time to test it out!


  1. Cool!
  2. No matter how many tiems I read into it I'll never understand how vinyl really works and this just makes it all the more amazing.
  3. The new aussie $5 note plays records too wonder if the unreleased $10 note will
  4. into one of the grooves ? (there's only one;)
  5. but can it serve me tea while I take over INDIA????
  6. The canadian bill works too
  7. Groovy!
  8. Loving the 1210 Dan!!!
  9. were dose the noise actually come from the fiver of speakers?
  10. it sounds like that annoying guy on the bus who always listens to music on the highest volume...
  11. We Australians have been listening to vinyl with our banknotes since 1988 :) (we invented the polymer banknote).
  12. You can do that with pretty much anything that can fit in the groove and has enough surface to vibrate.
    On old players you can hear the same thing coming from the needle bit if you turn off the speakers. (At least i do on an old AKAI player)
  13. Those new 5 pound notes apparently have been designed to play Sex Pistols' God save the queen. :-)
  14. Sounds great...
  15. ..but can a € note do th...#&%")&¤ sry' My bad... £ it is;-)
  16. That song was note for note perfect.......I'll see myself out.
  17. 1. I still could not tell what the music was.
    2. Did that fiver damage the record?
  18. The album you were playing, was it Queen. 🤔
  19. sorry i just think you should get out more.
  20. and it don't scratch it?

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