*NEW* DRAGON OF THE EASTERN OCEAN | Aristocrat - BIG WIN! Slot Machine Jackpot Feature & Line Hits

Brand new Aristocrat slot machine called Dragon of the Eastern Ocean (Good Fortune) played at the Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas. Very cool and profitable game for me! In this video, I am sharing 2 big win line hits + a jackpot progressive bonus feature (bonus free spins feature excluded this time). GAME NOTES: This game allows you buy additional Power Reels. With these additional power reels enabled, 1 or more power reels may turn wild (represented by white orbs). After any spin, if 1 or more reels contain a gold background, bonus gold reels may be awarded. If bonus gold reels are awarded, the background of 1 or more bought power reels may be replaced by a gold background increasing the chance at winning a progressive jackpot (a screen of all gold reels automatically awards the Gold Reel Jackpot progressive). Another cool thing about this game is that the Chinese man may fly across the screen and award either a big line hit win or trigger a bonus.


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  2. One reason I like watching your games so much is the good explanations you provide about how and game works and what we're trying to do. (The other reason I like watching your games is I like you so much.) I especially like seeing the games that have been around for a while because there's a chance my NA casinos might have them.
  4. This game was hitting like crazy this past weekend. Too bad all of the machines were taken up! Fun game to play
  5. Not sure how I missed this one, great job buddy!!
  6. Nice game and cant wait to play some of these newer ones you have been showing. VERY nicely done, and so close right? Is this in vegas?
  7. Really enjoying playing this one myself, Mr. Albert.  Some great wins you had there.  Keep up the wonderful work. :)
  8. Wow, you were down to almost nothing...you escaped the jaws of defeat! Quite well, I may add.
  9. Nice! thanks for shring
  10. Wow! Congrats!!!! You really did a good job on this one! ;) I love the bonus features!
  11. Super Fun Video! Love this machine, Lots going on! Never get bored with this one  :) Congrats!!
  12. Looks like another high volatility game from Aristocrat.  Not sure why Aristcrat continues with the picking bonuses that players have no influence over!  
  13. Awesome hits!! You and VLR know how to pick some good slots lately!
  14. nice video looks very good
  15. Great win and video Albert! Perfect slot to play during the week of the Chinese New Year!
  16. Way better than classic choi sun dae. This one looks like have more action with random stuff and things. :)
  17. Nice recovery
  18. btw I was rooting for you during the bonus pick.
  19. Albert I like that game! I cannot wait to locate and play it.  Thanks for sharing.
  20. You did a nice job on this Albert. I am looking forward to giving this one a shot.  Thanks!

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