New Holland CR10.90 combine Guinness World Records attempt

New Holland Agriculture smashes the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for most wheat harvested within eight hours with the CR10.90 combine #NHEIMA2014


  1. Great Video, great record!
  2. Very beautiful !
  3. now that is how you advertise
  4. OMARRFERRARIS  See in a pinwheel and a new threshing system
  6. for me is most impressive that they run so fast with such a big header. In our area is usual to use 7,5 m and maybe 9 m headers by speed around 4 km/h, off course by smaller combines, but still impressive results by this CR 10.90.. im excited to see this  combines in real conditions :) I had a chance to sit in new cab (CR 9.80) and I have to say, that I envy every combine operator which will ride this, seems like a perfect place to work, nice done NH..
  7. Se le ha llenado la boca de tamo al juez del guinnes, se va a estar rascando todo el día.
  8. Amazing....!
  9. The cut is too much tall...
  10. New Holland set the pace the rest chase
  11. Молодцы ребята ,по хорошему завидую вам
  12. My son and I just watched this. Totally amazed!
  13. wow new holland super
  14. Very impressive video! Great editing and shots of the combine at work! At 1:50 the wheat pouring in the bulk tank looks like a broken water main!
  15. Creo que la altura de corte es alta. Alcanze a ver que iba dejando algunas espigas. Pero la verdad impresionante. Casi 100 ton/hr. A pesar de que ya estaba cabezereado es de admirarse. También hay que tomar en cuenta que el rendimiento del trigo era muy bueno, casi 10 ton/ha
  16. che bestia di macchina e che trattori
  17. new holland sei una bombba
  18. vous i aver ete unpeut fort avec le racourciseur sur les ble mes cest une magnifique video
  19. excellent, Claas va pas tarder à riposter......
  20. New Holland // all the way , i love big blue 

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