New records reveal horrific abuse in Barahona case

Recorded interview with foster mom released


  1. I don't understand how messed up you have to be to do that to a child! I hope everybody who abused these children burn in hell!
  2. it's sad what's happens to these kids.its sad when ppl struggling to have kids and cant.its pittyful when low life's keep having kids.hope she haunts them til the day they die.may her beautiful soul be at rest and she is now happy
  3. One day they well stand before the Lord. Poor them if they have not repented Worse awaits them both !!!
  4. What is wrong with these people!!! How can anyone hurt a child? I just don't understand the world.
  5. I am a carer to my disabled son mark. I was horrified to see that video . I live in the UK and we have procedures for fostering and adoption so tell me how the bloody hell those people were allocated and allowed to look after that girl without the proper training
  6. Anybody watching this know someone serving time in the prison they have those two?? If so please get the word out on what they have done.
  7. friggin animals...Life in prison for both ...Death penalty even better.
  8. What will it take to get America up in arms together against horrible crimes against children? What deplorable act will be the call to action that gets society's attention on a disgustingly common occurrence? If things like this make news, then why do we keep forgetting, or ignoring, that child abuse happens?
  9. why the heck would you adopt children when you are not going to give them a god home?
  10. Ugly outside and inside.
  11. these people are inhumane! they need serious help.. I don't understand why anyone would do this to innocent children -.-
  12. how did these Hispanic scumbags get 2 white children to adopt
  13. kids are innocent and helpless, they have no choice but to put up with the abuse, their weeker, n these fkn monsters take advantage and hurt them like nothing piece of shit waste of space in this earth.
  14. this shit makes me fkn sick, I hope they rot in hell n get pieces of their bodies,cut off so they can feel pain and suffering .fkn animals, because they are not human.
  15. child abusers have mental health issues
  16. Who the fuck adopts children just to torture and abuse them??
  17. Poor babies...
  18. is shit like this that makes me sick to my fucking stomach!! My ptsd from sexualand physical abuse makes it harder to deal with the abuse of other children.
  19. Sick!!! There is a special place in Hell for evil beings like this.
  20. who agrees with me.that abuse should stop spreading around contrys,city's,contents,. abuse is not ok.if you get frustrated to somewhere else and be idea when I'm president is that all children must be safe and I will cheek on every case and If there was one case of abuse the governers policy is to give the injection,the chair,.

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