New World Record Deadlift 1155 pounds World's Strongest Man

A new world record has been set for the deadlift at the 2014 Arnold Strongman by Zydrunas Savickas at 1155 pounds.


  1. how it's possible that they never have sciatica ??! just think about the pressure they put on thier spines ?!!
  2. Not real you jackasses
  3. i feel like if you can't do anything in life at least 10 times in a row then it's a fluke.
  4. lol this guy is weak as fuck Chuck Norris can lift the same weight using only his dick !
  5. what's the largest thing lifted by a human? like size. say like 10ft^3 cubic feet of Styrofoam?
  6. He made it look so easy.
  7. I will never see fat people as lazies again....
  8. eddie hall is the beast
  9. he cn pick up 2 lions at the same time
  10. brock lift 1200 pound lol wtf..
  11. try that without the belt and lower yourself back down
  12. but can he lift the weight of my suicidal thoughts?
  13. BIG F**KING Z
  14. i deadlift 300lbs it's heavy if you do it right people use arms not legs
  15. How much do you think he can rackpull above the knee? inb4 alpha
  16. Not a true deadlift, but a monster of a tyre-bar lift. A stiffer bar would change the game pretty swiftly, but honestly, nothing but respect for Big Z. Too bad he's had to withdraw from the Arnold this year.
  17. damn, thats roughly 10 of me!
  18. Hold my beer...
  19. he's probably Russian. jus sayin

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