NFL Hits Vs Rugby Hits

The epic battle of two of the most brutal sports in the world, NFL vs Rugby I do not own this video and hold no liability Tags: NFL Draft Training | Dude Perfect NFL vs Rugby Hits NFL Big hits Here comes the boom Best Rugby STEPS, HITS, TRIES, FENDS Of 2013 Tribute to ALESANA TUILAGI - "The SAMOAN Bulldozer" Rugby World Cup - Tuilagi smashes reporter Huge Rugby Hits - World Cup Edition Rugby League Fights and Big Hits All time Women's rugby - dont mess with Danielle Waterman Soccer Girl Fight Reality Show Fights


  1. Ow, Microbats!! should held other matches between Rugby vs American Football?
  2. Rugby is so much better
  3. Dont understand why american football dont tackle like in rugby and use no pads. Americans like the hits in the game and without pads you can really see how buff those guys are and the impacts looks much harder and cooler, even if they arent. The padding in nfl makes even the hardest tackles look soft and boring compared to rugby were you can feel it through the TV, way better spectator sport.
  4. I don't know shit about rugby and alot about football. And playing with no pads is about as hardcore as it gets. It's not even comparable to the nfl on the amount of toughness rugby players have. Not even close
  5. Rugby is so much better
  6. most of this rugby hits are high tackle

    alot of big mofos

  8. Like everytime I look at a Rugby comp I always ask myself who taught them how to tackle cuz they suck at it
  9. As a NFL fan, I personally think that its more of a violent sport. But to be honest... Rugby is probably just as violent as it. They're both violent and dangerous in their own ways. Take your preference guys, and lets not argue.
  10. Aussie Rules Football is the toughest. They hit as hard as the NFL and grab each other out of the air, and even use opposing players as spring boards. And those guys play in short shorts and tank tops.
  11. I think football hits are harder, but that's because they have all that padding, so they're not afraid to make those harder hits. Also, that's EXACTLY what they are "hits". Rugby is more tackling, where they actually grab the guy and throw him to the ground.
  12. OK look I have played both and football is not on the same level as rugby football is a children's game every time you hit or get hit in rugby you feel twice as much if you are a foot football fan that has not played rugby than shut your face because you have no idea
  13. Ruggers is king
  14. football hits are only harder because of the pads. The players seem more confident in hitting. while rugby they seem to have technique in big hitting.
  15. come on guys, stop fight and talk shit and see both sports. Rugby and American Football are amazing
  16. Rugby = hit u just fall
    NFL = hit and u fly meters away ..
    Dont call football players pussies they are making 4 times stronger hits ..
  17. I like this
  18. American football 5mins of excitment 5 hours of standing around talking about it! They even need cheerleaders to keep people interested. ha ha
  19. I remember once a 250 pound sprinter in rugby about 6"6 rsn into me at full speed and I had to get surgery lol
  20. as a british man, i think that both sports are tough as fuck not 1 is harder than other.

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