Nikon coolpix P900 83x optical zoom world record - video test on moon

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  1. Sie nutzen dieses Video in Ihrer irreführenden Werbung im Internet. Sie sind eine Linse für die mobilen Verkauf, die einen leistungsstarken Zoom verspricht, dass Sie beide den Mond über schließen läßt seine Krater zu sehen. Es stellt sich heraus, dass dieses Objektiv eine schreckliche Qualität, Betrüger nur Leute Geld einnehmen. Natürlich sind Sie mit Ihrem Video ohne Ihre Erlaubnis.

    They are using this video of yours in a misleading advertisement on the internet. They are selling a mobile lens that promises a zoom so powerful that it allows you to approach both the Moon and your craters. It turns out that this lens has a horrible quality, the scammers are only taking money from the people. Of course they are using your video without your permission.
  2. Fucking Nokia PureView 808 and Lumia 1020, Go and learn from Nikon, Canon, Sony
  3. Why are people not using this camera to investigate area 51?
  4. no reason to spend a fortune to go to moon with a rocket
  5. Tells me the moon is very close.
  6. Amazing!
  7. Hi I just got my camera yesterday and I don't know how to take long video. It seems to just cut off after couole second. On the plaback I meant.
  8. Who's the original owner.
  9. so what you are telling me is that this camera has a zoom of about 300 000 plus kilometers? because a blurred object at that distance will not become clear with a simple Zoom. I can prove that with my cell phone. if I try to zoom in on the moon with my cell phone it stays blurry and distorted. why does it stay blurry and distorted? obviously because it's too far away. in no way am I comparing my cell phone to a Nikon p900 but what I am doing is asking if the zoom on this camera is 300000 kms? giving me the explanation that the Moon is a massive object does not count either as it only has it diameter of about 3400 kms...... that's about the same diameter as North America........ so it's not that big at all seeing as it's 400 000 kilometers away.......
  10. it looks like its in water...this flickering
  11. just to see it moving is incredible
  12. Well duh. My telescope is only 50 and I can still see the moon.
  13. Its strange, because...
  14. I like how when you zoom in on things in the distance you can see them moving, but they appear stationary when you look at them with the naked eye.
  15. The moon is supposedly 384,000 KM away - it's hard to believe after watching this video.
  16. That is a bad ass camera you have there.
  17. Who still beleives this is real? I doubt that this is a natural object!
  18. En cinco años les podremos ver los huevecillos a los marcianos
  19. Incredible zoom proof the moon is close. 380.000km ?? Hahaha it is impossible. Ask Nikon about their zoom! This video proves flat Earth. Thanks
  20. 466 people think we never landed(dumbasses)

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Duration: 1m 30s

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