RBS 6 Nations Big Tackles: 2010- 2014

A look back at some of the biggest tackles over the past 5 seasons of the RBS 6 Nations Championship. See why this is Rugby's Greatest Championship!


  1. funny thing is the French team between 2010 -14 are guilty more than once of spear tackles, worse than that of Warbutons in 2011 semi tackle
  2. Sound tackles good play
  3. What about thom Evans hit
  4. That's all good and well but if you're talking about bug hits this video seems kind of redundant without Manu Tuilagi in it, one of the if not the hardest hitting player in the six nations recently
  5. Dusautoir on Moody and Cross and North on Farrell should've been in this vid
  6. I think the best tackle is the Italian lad vs England at the end, great technique..
  7. Good but there were some big but illegal hits which I think shouldn't be encouraged.
  8. The last is the best one...
  9. good old picamoles

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