[REACTION] Big Rugby Hits | NRL | 2012

[REACTION] Big Rugby Hits | NRL | 2012 Boom! ORIGINAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq2Xb3BQZyY Instagram : @_Jsmoooove Twitter : @_Jsmoooove KIK : @_Jsmoooove


  1. You Hawaiian bro?
  2. Rugby World Cup 2015 final highlights please
  3. hey man could you please check out my Rio Rugby Sevens 2016 Promo video
  4. Do rugby league greatest game winning tries
  5. hey man keep ya shit up good work man!! please react to "cadet - mad tv freestyle" this that dope uk freestylin' that real shitt ma nigga!
  6. gotcha Sem! next time think twice, miss! ;)
  7. Can you react to the Dolan Twins Eat it or wear it challenge?
  8. Is this fella Samoan
  9. Mate you should react to a hurling video, it's an irish sport that's the fastest on grass.
  10. Watch Sydney Roosters 2015 Season Highlights.
  11. Hey man I really love your videos! I was wondering if you could react to Autumn Leaves by Leslie Odom Jr.

    It's a sort of smooth jazz, and I think you would enjoy it (:
  12. Thx bro so much! And could you please consider doing the 2013 one by the same dude pleased
  13. Can u react to Ailee I will always love u and Sohyang O holy night, please !👏🏻👏🏻
  14. The cool aspect of this compilation is the real time speed of the plays, the slo-mo ones look great but dont show the ferocity of the hits. These guys are forged from titanium.
  15. Please react to 1st place just jerk body rock 2016
  16. you gotta have heart to play this game man god damn.
  17. Hey bro, loving the reactions, next you should watch and react to the "top 25 impossible tries (with commentary)"
  18. please react to Caleb Hyle singing I dreamed a dream. thank u
  19. Can you react to Keone and Mariel are u there? please or react to Keone madrid preface there goes my baby please brother.
  20. Thanks for the video. Love to see a reaction to Phoenix Hunapo-Nofoa | Samoa 7s Star | Steps and Tries

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