Rugby Biggest Hardest HITS 2017 | So Far

Rugby BIG HITS Compilation of 2017 so far , Hardest and biggest rugby union and rugby league hits I hope you will like this video. Thank you all for watching and if you like this video Please don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe and follow for more videos and individual Player Highlight videos. As always please let me know what you think and feel free to request anything! The more someone is requested the more likely I'll do it! Sounds: 1) Here Comes The Boom 2) Lovell Night - Forget About Me Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: Any constructive feedback is always appreciated. Rugby union hits Rugby league Hits RUgby league big hits Rugby league bigest hits NRL HITS NRL BIG HITS Rugby league biggest hits This is a fan made montage which includes less than 1% of match footage and is NOT for profit. Footage courtesy of Sky Sports UK, Sky Sports NZ, Fox Sports Aus, DirecTV, SuperSport, beIN Sport, BBC. I do not own this footage.


  1. So far...
  2. I need help in what position I am
    Strength:can lift up to 97kg under right circumstances
    Speed can run 100m in 16secs
    Current position: open side flanker
    Not islander btw I'm Irish
  3. :D
  4. I subed
  5. I love rugby!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The vast majority of these hits are illegal.
  7. check out the one handed catch at 6.29
  8. could we see ANY legal tackles lol
  9. saagoool dzmao sagoL es ra iKo bozi viKO
  10. Really pleased to see you got some 'taking the man out in the air' hits in there as well. After all the late's, no arms and high's I was starting to think you didn't like the in the air illegal tackles.
  11. Enjoy your videos mate. Feel like illegal hits should not be included but they are impressive in a way.
  12. Not gonna lie, was playing rugby today and I look over at the other team and saw a guy who was bigger than most of the people on this video. Thought to myself "ah he must be the manager". An old man then emerges from behind him and the huge lad puts his teams shirt on and I think " oh shit here we go". But me being me decided to not let it faze me. We kicked off and I charged towards him and thought "yea I've got him easy". Dug my shoulder into him and bang im practically out cold. Get myself up and goes again. Bang. Kicked in the mouth by a player. Ref doesn't see it. It was deliberate btw. So i get myself up and decide to keep playing. As i get up someone runs into me elbow first and I'm out cold again. Fun. Half-time whistle goes. Team talk. At this point we are a decent way behind on the scoreline. They kick to me, my mate picks up and runs, bang he's out too. We also had no subs so we had to play through this. Oh and also one of our players had to go off with a suspected slipped disk in his back. He was our best player. At this point we are down 15 tries or something (partially because we only had 9 players against 13) and then their captain (the huge lump from earlier) shouts "let's not concede". 30 seconds later I had scored a try. Was knocked out cold on the tryline. The game finished 80-4. Was a fun game. And yea, I have delayed concussion. FML
  13. more
  14. it seems rl players actually hit people with the ball
  15. Great video man well done, loved it. At 3:38 some of Farrell's insides actually came out his ass after that tackle.
  16. Cheers great vid
  17. What is the second song
  18. Great vid what song
  19. Great video. I watch these kinda of videos before a game to get my hyped. Can you please do a Sam Hidalgo-Clyne tribute or a Huw Jones tribute. Thanks :)

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