Rugby BIGGEST HITS 2017, High Tackles

If you like the most monstrous of all rugby tackles and drum and bass then you have come to the right place Hello there Youtube. its my first time editing and uploading a video and i am uploading it in hopes to get as much criticism as possible to help me make better videos in the future. rugby Big Hits, rugby Spear Tackles, Late Tackles, Dangerous rugby Tackles, rugby yellow cards, rugby red cards, rugby sin bins, rugby shoulder charges Rugby.Super Rugby, Rugby HD Montage, rugby Tribute Rugby,rugby dump Disclaimer: I do not own any footage or music used within this video. It is purely for entertainment purposes and by no means do I intend to violate copyright regulations. All credit is given to the rightful owners.


  1. this is not recent, not 2017, your account is shite, well done :)
  2. very nice video
  3. It's so easy for me to watch but managing to do it in a game with people dodging feels like a much harder thing to do..
  4. Nice Pete! Some more please!
  5. Subscribed ;)
  6. Pete! Official Youtube Channel? :D

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