Russell Westbrook NBA RECORD 42ND TRIPLE DOUBLE Full Game Highlights | April 9, 2017

Watch as Russell Westbrook records his 42nd Triple Double of the season all the while dropping 50 points and a game winning three point shot! Westbrook's Triple Double breaks the previous record of 41 Triple Doubles in a season previously held by Oscar Robertson in his 1961-1962 Season!


  1. Ruseel Tripeldoubrook join CAV please. the KING needs help.
  2. Oscar Robertson blew a 41 triple double lead
  3. MVP
  4. Congrats Westbrook!!! The stuff of legends right here, damn.
  5. My sons will get 53826485649272 triple doubles in one season
    -Lavar Ball
  6. SPE. just guess what is the meaning. Lol.
  7. Stopping, popping and dropping! What a comment!
  8. Give Him MVP
  9. i was there. in person. seeing history. what a player and what a game....proof positive that it "is the shoes".....
  10. westbrook is the best
  11. he's a beast man omg russ
  12. im not a basketball fan can anyone explain what a triple double is?
  13. technically a triple double should include 10 buckets not 10 points
  14. Lavar ball my sons will be better than Westbrook
  15. MVP bitches !!
  16. OMG, i found i way to get F R E E -N B A - C O I N S fast:
  17. M V P
  18. mvp
  19. Don't let this distract you from...

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  20. That's gonna be a beast card

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