Slingshot Quick Draw Like PfShooter ( 4 Journey to Beat the Guinness world record with a slingshot)

In todays practice sessions to beat the Guinness world record with a slingshot I decided to work on my mix it up and work on my Quick draw as I have seen pfShooter do. The man is fast and can shoot quarters out of the air. I have been following pfshooter on YouTube since my return from histories alone show in Patagonia. His speed and accuracy is uncanny and has inspired me to adopt part of his methodology to increase my speed and aid me in my journey to beat the Guinness world record with a slingshot. I feel I made significant headway despite the cold in my slingshot quick draw like pfshooter video. Enjoy and click the link below to see how fast he really is by going to his Channel. Link to Pfshooter's Youtube Channel And all stents you see here are performed by yours truly a professional Zachary Fowler of History's alone season three. So don't try this at home you'll shoot your eye out or your buddies!!! I get all my slingshot supplies from Simple Shot. This is not a paied endorsement i just like simple shot. They have what i need and they get it to you fast. Also catch me on History's season 3 of alone starting December 8 at 9 pm Thursday nights and the rest of the time find me hear and on social media links below. OFFICAL WEBSIT and Shop History Channels Alone season 3, Facebook as Zachary Fowler Of Alone Season 3 , Twitter as Fowler Alone Season3 , Instagram as Zachary Fowler ALONE SEASON 3, AND THANKS FOR WATCHING


  1. I love target practice too, check out the new designed sling shot made by Pocketshot , Its an American company ,they make their own bands , more compact ,have extra power as well as quicker reloading, Try using paintballs too it's a lot of fun. I still prefer the flatbands with leather pouch, they seem to last longer and you can use anything as ammo. I been enjoying your channel you are the real deal .
  2. Hahahaha nice one Fowler, i also love playing with my 'catty' (local slang for a slingshot) i am not a rapid fire guy though, I shoot quickly as i am a true believer that aiming is the enemy, i shoot from the chest and rib cage with the left arm out straight holding the slingshot sideways pulling the elastic back into my right arm pit and release as soon as the elastic is full extended, no holding.

    One day i will get a bloody squirrel with one, that is my slinghshot goals right now a squirrel for supper
  3. Silly. Glad you've got the resources to have fun like that now! Enjoy!
  4. I need to get a sling shot. Get some squirrels to eat on my overnight trips. That'd be cool.
  5. I came here for Joey........Sorry but that was the best part
  6. Just seen the last chapter of alone s3, congrats for winning you deserved it, I was cheering up for you since day 1.
  7. Congrats on the win, I had a strong feeling it would come down to just you. It seemed as though you had the best mental attitude the whole time out of all the other contestants. That just confirms my 10 items choice though if I ever get on the show which is only 1 item different than yours. Once again Congrats on the win now I can go back and watch all the recordings of the season and rewatch from the beginning LOL.
  9. Happy to see that you won on Alone!!
  10. Great progress with quick draw! Also congratulations for winning :) It's so good to see you're pushing slingshots. Hats off.
  11. Can i get a spoon ? ^^
  12. What was your first meal back mate? Was it hard to go back to eating regular food because your body was not use to it?
  13. Fowler, congratulations man. That was awesome. You should be proud and thanks for putting in so much time over on Reddit and answering all of our questions!
  14. congrats on alone!! glad you won!
  15. Congrats!!! Awesome ending to the show. I am way happy for you and your girls.
  16. Congratulations Fowler!
  17. Congratulations on the win...
  18. so glad you won i was rooting for you the whole time and love your channel and youve convinced me to buy a shovel like yours
  19. Man, I wish more people knew who you were! You deserve more subscribers! XDAlso, I'm going on a weeklong backpacking trip in the summer, what are some musts I should bring with me?
  20. Routing for you Fowler!! Watched Alone show from beginning, love it! So happy you represent Maine so well! Either way it's all good stuff! Found out about this channel today from article in Sun Journal. You must be happy to be home and with your Family! Hope the car got fixed!

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