Solar Thermal Geothermal large pond heating with giant Koi Fish hot water GreenPowerScience

This simple water delivery solution to cold spells worked wonderful this year. The large koi fish were/are 10 years old introduced in 2002. They usually hide most of the time and were impossible to capture because the pond center approaches 15 feet deep.


  1. I remember that
  2. Can a large Koi fish eat humans?
  3. Your winters are nothing to Wisconsin winters
  4. I just watched your video I live in metro Tampa and have never had the problem to a degree that you did it breaks my heart. We have had some of our smaller female Koi and a very large beloved Gold fish die from the inability to absorb three eggs. My Koi actually spawned this morning for the first time in 3 years. We had been battling fish lice for that entire time period and were taking a huge toll on the health of the fish. We lost 2 of our 10+ year old females due to the lice one was a off spring from a spawning and was hand fed her entire life. Sorry to hear that you lost fish as a result of this I know it can be a hard thing to deal with.
  5. are these fish eatable
  6. awwww. poor fishy s.
  7. from the thumbnail it looked like a molten glass koy
  8. All female
  9. koi spawn right ? Then why eggs or how ?
  10. We are on a drought why waste water
  11. For all videos, consider adding tiny overlays that interpret into metric system measurments;
    you would gain a better grasp on the rest of the universe - "non metric system" users.

    You might as well be Galileo, for you are one of the front runners of this endeavor.

     make sure the wife gets her name into documents when she assists :D
  12. thats some big koi
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  14. Dan, could you please give me some tips to heat my 2400l aquaponic fish tank?
  15. Wow a giant goldfish....!!!...
  16. I am glad they are all O KOi ;)
  17. Nice sushi.
  18. Mate that sucks you lost your fish I hope you never have to go through that again now you know what caused the deaths and have found the solution.
  19. Very resourceful and good science.  Continue to reassess, implement changes and reassess again for that desired outcome.  Your koi must be very happy now.
  20. How old are your koi they look pretty big?

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