Sophia Lucia Sets NEW OFFICIAL Guinness World Record

Dance Moms TV Star & 10 year old Dance Prodigy, Sophia Lucia sets New OFFICIAL Guinness World Record of 55 Consecutive Pirouettes at her home dance studio, San Diego Dance Center in Poway, CA! 1st attempt: 47, 2nd attempt: 48, 3rd and Final attempt: 55!!! Previous Record of 36 was set by Alicia Clifton (USA) at the "Applause Studio" in Oklahoma, USA on December 9, 2005. New World Record Date: 3/30/13 Time: 2pm Pacific - USA Location: San Diego Dance Centre - Poway, CA Guinness World Record Adjudicator: Philip Robertson Sponsors: Kids Artistic Revue National Dance Competition & California Kisses Dancewear Produced by Kids Artistic Revue, Inc & Joe M Loera Created by Joe M Loera Executive Producers: Noah Lands & Ernest Balderas VP of Production: Adrian Ruiz Director: Troy Christian Produced by: Joe M Loera Editor: Troy Christian & Renato Merol Cameramen: Troy Christian, Jerry Evans, Nik Gravelle Photo by: Robert Sorey


  1. Was this before or after dance moms?
  2. I can only do 22 pirouettes
  3. AMAZING!!!
  4. Once I did 11 a da la seconde turns (isn't that the name) and I was so proud.
  5. lol
  6. How many does she do in the other direction?
  7. can
  8. i cad do 11
  9. I can only do 1. I've done 2 once but never again :/
  10. I can only do 3 and I'm a dancer😩
  11. Almost all the comments are "I CAN ONLY DO 10" and I'm like, "I can do half of 1"
  12. I counted 56 to.
  13. Sophia is a real profesional dancer, not like the girls from circus that is the tv-show Dance Moms.
  14. I can only do 1
  15. my highest is 7 for la seconds, one and a half for the ones she did, and 3 for fouettes
  16. Accually did 56 I counted it in slo mo
  17. lol I can only do 3 😂
  18. Congratulations and ignore all the haters... Please keep on dancing for all of those who can't (like myself) but who truly appreciate and enjoy watching others live their dreams!
  19. Kiss your hand 5 times post this on two other videos. You should have an Ipad under your pillow.
  20. My friend can do 63.

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