Super Wheel Blast Slot Machine Jackpot Wheel Free Spins *BIG WIN* Bonuses - Miss Liberty!

The Super Wheel Blast slot machine is a very popular new slot brand by Aristocrat that's also a lot of fun! The game has at least two different themes with this slot video being the "Miss Liberty" theme. The main goal in Super Wheel Blast is to get the bonus, which is triggered by getting at least one Super Wheel Blast symbol in reels 2, 3, and 4: these bonus symbols are also wild and can be "Super Stacked" so it isn't unusual to get a bunch! Regardless of how many symbols you get in total, you receive one spin of the Super Wheel to determine your type of Bonus, of which there are four: 1. ‎Jackpot Wheel 2. Wilds Added 3. X Win 4. Free Games Jackpot Wheel Bonus: A Jackpot wheel will appear with either credit awards or a Jackpot segments: if you land on a Jackpot segment, you will be awarded either the Major or Minor progressive jackpot plus a bonus prize. Wilds Added Bonus: 3 Free Spins are awarded. Before each spin the inner wheel will spin and the number shown on the inner wheel is the number of Bonus symbols that will be added to reels 2, 3, and 4 for the remaining frees spins. Bonus reels are in play during free spins. Multiply Wins Bonus: The win on your bought game that triggered the bonus is multiplied by what is shown on the inner wheel. While this seems like it could be the "boring" bonus, if you have a great initiating line hit, it's obviously the one you want! Free Games Bonus: The number of games awarded is the number spun on the inner wheel. During the free games, if one or more bonus symbols appear then the total win for that free game will be multiplied by the number spun up on the inner wheel for that free game. (This feature can be slightly different between at least one other theme of the game, which uses sticky wilds instead). Super Wheel Blast is a lot of fun and there is a lot of potential for Big Wins and Jackpots, Enjoy! STAY TUNED FOR OUR PROJECT LAUNCH If you enjoyed this video, please visit to sign-up for our upcoming launch for the world's best land-based casino locator plus other great stuff for slot players! SUBSCRIBE!


  1. I hate New York! So how do u win the major?
  2. Some say "and" , some say "come on you mother fucker"
  3. wheres big win? less than 100x :f oh man
  4. wow that was probably the worst payout I've ever seen on a 4 dollar bet haha
  5. Ahhh. My fellow degenerate gamblers. Your videos are a testament to your will to win, and win big. Instead of just using...."AND" go to "And THEN" at the end we can say..."no AND THEN!"
  6. I enjoy playing this game.
  7. Awesome win BPB! :)
  8. Damn, views vs. comments it's a... well hard to explain... do you! It's a fun video none the less! I like this game, and you did good :)
  9. Whoops. You're the guy that says AND all the time. Wrong video.
  10. There are 3 titles of Super Wheel Blast games (according to Casino Journal): Miss Liberty (which you are playing), Lion of Venice, and Hong Kong Fortunes which I have never seen. (If you want the YouTube link deleted, let me know.) I like the game and I like your explanation very much (as always.) Nice win.
  11. nice hit. thats a cool slot machine
  12. did slot machine rigged or its totally random?

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