Swizz Beatz Interview - Has 2 new records with Giggs! No Commission Art Movement & new DMX album!

I sat down to chop it up with LEGENDARY producer Swizz Beatz!!! We talked about his beginnings as a producer, making Ruff Ryders Anthem for DMX & being how X's 'FOMFBOMB' album broke boundaries in art and music. Swizz schools me on various things from the art world and tells me about his 'No Commission' arts movement that he's brought to London. We discuss various things relating to UK art & music and Swizz announces that he has just recorded 2 records with Giggs! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS & WEEKLY VIDEOS! Hit me on the socials! insta: djdublofficial twitter: @DJDUBL facebook: DJ DUBL snapchat: DJDUBL mixcloud: DJDUBL youtube: DJDUBLTV


  1. Dope interview bro 🙌🏽 good job.
  2. skip to 28mins for giggs info.
    shit interview. btw
  3. How did you get one of the best hip hop producers
  4. walahi i almost fell asleep swizz is mad boring stil
  5. Knew he'd say Premier and X - sick choices - in many ways he's correct!
  6. Fantastic work and work rate Dj dubz
  7. Very good interview, keep them coming.
  8. Heavy interview bro keep it up. (Get Wiley on Big up!)
  9. DJ Dubl is actually a REAL journalist, very under rated as the quality of his interviews are actually on a very high level beyond most (which tend to be about gossip instead of the music).

    Big ups for this.
  10. Good look man, great interview. Been tuned into the channel and daily vlogs a lot lately, keep it up!
  11. very good interview!
  12. big move right here

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