The Biggest Fuck You Ever Recorded in Human History

One of the greatest speeches of this election season - Michael Moore explains why people are voting for Trump.


  1. I was at this rally.
  2. That's right FUCK YOU OBAMA!!
  3. Well Left can plame themselves what is coming. They think that they can lie, oppress, and worse kill the innocent people and get off the hook..people are rising and Trump is just the messenger.
  4. Anyone else watching this after Trump's landslide victory?
  5. It feels really fucking good...
  6. Prophetic words from Michael Moore!
  7. cant wait to vote for this fuck. fuck you liberals!! fuck u democrats!# fuck u progressives!!! fuck u socialists!! capitalism and the free market will rule this country now. douschbags. no more free rides bitches. dont like it? move to russia!!
  8. all the "blows"!! LOL
  9. average dudes biggest problem isnt losing his job, or house, or wife, or his retirement fund or never going on vacation. his biggest problem in life is he cant get a percocet!!
    really? really??
  10. lmfao, Michael Moore hates trump, this entire video is just an out of context excerpt.
  12. And it will feel good....
  13. Moore hates Trump. I was there and this is taken out of context. His whole talk was why you shouldn't vote for Trump. This part was simply to make people understand the rationale for voting for him. Yes, you might be thinking this, he's saying, but there are many other reasons why it would be a huge mistake to vote for him and the bulk of his presentation is devoted to that. This is only a few minutes. The presentation lasted about two hours.
  14. GOD help us if this ASSHOLE ever TOUCHES the Oval Office...
  15. Hey, can you make the background music even louder so we can hear even less of what he's saying?  That would be great...
  16. this was one of the most wonderful things I've ever heard from anyone. he couldn't be more right if he tried.
  18. INB4 soros's owned voting machines
  19. WEW LAD!

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