The Biggest High School Lacrosse Hit Ever

I destroyed this kid in my lacrosse game.


  1. Do you play for LV Storm?
  2. cause he had the ball and I hit him in the front of his shoulder?
  3. how was it from behind if I hit him in the front of his shoulder???? hmmmmm
  4. You're a tool, who hits from behind, and is a garbage java player
  5. nice hit man
  6. That was an illegal hit.
  7. obviously they didnt skate that much at practice. and ooooo. a twelve hour shift. thats soooo coool bro. and its still legal. and after hockey now we condition even more and go to the gym for 3 hours.
  8. i didnt intentionally go for his head.
  9. its not an excuse. you couldnt last 5 minutes playing hockey. and its not illegal
  10. your right. sorry man. your so good. i didnt condition at hockey practice for 30 minutes then go to lacrosse right after and didnt condition. your right im a little girl
  11. Ummmm..... yes you can. i do know about both sports especially hockey since i have been playing for 14 years. and i havnt watched this video in about 2 months. and yes, i am from the southwest but my coach didnt make me condition cause i do that in hockey practice then go straight to lacrosse.
  12. Actually, its the same as hockey, which is my main sport. you can not intentionally contact the opponents head. i was just putting my body there. my arm was down and it was a clean hit. look at some hockey hits. there are a bunch from this year that people got nailed in the head worse than this kid. and for the record. we rarely ran in practice. we only did it for a warmup. other than that we scrimmaged most of the time. and how am i a disgrace? plus that was my last year playing so i dont care.
  13. so what, should i have popped a squat to try and hit him in the chest? i dont have to try and hit him in the chest. it was a clean hit. and second, i didnt try to fight the ref, i was cussing him out. plus who runs in practice? definately not me. i play attack buddy
  14. well i did and i almost fought the ref when he said that and my coach held me back. second its not my fault his head was right at my shoulder. it was a clean hit. and third, he was pissing me off not embarressing me buddy
  15. buddy. you are allowed to check. we are big boys. its a regular check. he shouldnt have been so small. and apparently this is such thing since when i went to the box the ref said 4 minute non relesable. hitting too hard.
  16. buddy. if you look closely it was all my shoulder. but yes i have a follow through with my arm but my elbow never touched him
  17. oh. did he?
  18. Cool story, bro.
  19. in 7th grade my second game of lax I literally hit a kid so hard he flipped in the air
  20. Fuck football

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