THIS is why you MUST CLEAN new vinyl records | Microscopic view of the grooves

Do you clean your NEW vinyl? You may want to after watching this vid. We take a microscopic look at the grooves of a new record. HALLOWEEN SALE IN THE MERCH STORE: SUBSCRIBE... IT'S FREE and FUN! OFFICIAL MERCH STORE: TWITTER: NEW: Spotify playlist (Recommended artists): ====================================================== ABOUT Channel33rpm: The YouTube channel all about #vinyl, gear and more. Posting schedule: SUNDAYS: This is the main show for record collectors, including how-to videos, tips, new gear, lists and more. FRIDAY NIGHT VINYL: Grab a beverage and lets talk music. This show is all about recent vinyl pickups and special guests ABOUT ME: The first album I ever bought was Quiet Riot's Metal Health, I still love hard rock and metal, I never have a guitar too far away, and I like special effects (BOOM)! My goal is to inspire you to grow your music collection, improve your listening experience, discover new music and support artists (and have fun while doing it). ===================================================== MUSIC CREDITS: Pentagram by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: ====================================================== Hey! Since you made it this far why not CLICK THAT THUMBS UP button and leave a friendly comment below? Videos shot live on location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #KeepOnSpinning Frank


  1. It was interesting to see this. If you ever do reviews on different cleaning solutions/methods it would be very informative to see which one does best under the mini-microscope test. After all if your eyes can see it with some enhancement, your stylus will still see it much better. I don't even think Michael Fremer shows us what his records look like, under enhanced magnification.
  2. Specks and hair? Looks like it needs Head & Shoulders!
  3. Interesting to see what the results would be after using the vinyl vac system on it.
    Just bought one of those little scopes after seeing this.
  4. I gotta ask, was the lens on that thing cleaned off before you used it?
  5. You can use a blacklight to see without a microsnope
  6. you're edgy
  7. Wow, they are made in warehouses so I'm not surprised
  8. Hey Frank,
    There's an old saying or was it a Twisted Sister song: what you don't know can't hurt you!

    The more you know, the more you know what you don't know,
    Jarkko / MyVinylBar
  9. I always thought something was up , thank you bud!
  10. Great video Frank. I always look forward to your videos. You are very entertaining!
  11. It's a shame there isn't really a proper good way to clean them but nothing's perfect so it can be a good thing to embrace the slight imperfections in sound quality.
  12. Hi Frank, cool video. I may have to get one of those microscopes and drive myself crazy too. In case you don't look at comments from previous videos I'm going to re-post the following comment:

    Hey, Frank, I've decided I want to get all the Alice Cooper albums on vinyl as well. So far I've only got four. "...Greatest Hits", "Lace and Whiskey", "From The Inside",  and Welcome 2 My Nightmare". I've "still got a long way to go" (LITD). I've read mixed reviews regarding the Friday Music reissues especially in regards to sound and  quality of the pressings. What is your opinion? How does "The Last Temptation" sound?
  13. I bought a 100x mini microscope and I can actually see damaged grooves. It's so crazy!
  14. The static always bugged me. Thanks for the magnifier tip- I think I can use that for scratch repairs!
  15. Why do you scream all the time?
  16. Frank. Thanks for using the GrooveWasher for a quick light clean on this new record. In our experience most new records are cleaner than this one so a light on-turntable cleaning is usually sufficient. We now include a microfiber towel in our standard kits to place the record on for heavier cleaning off the turntable. Our G2 cleaning fluid has a balanced formula to clean without the need for rinsing. But this feature requires two or three cleanings off the turntable for a really dirty record. Still fast and easy. Good job on this video! Steve.
  17. Here's a pretty good video on the scrubbing Bubbles technique . . .
  18. I lick my records clean.
  19. I don't think I want to see all the small dust and particles magnified. I can tune out some minor noise.
  20. I can only recommend to wash your records even if they're new, usually the record is popping and crackling after playing(when u take it off the plattern)but when I washed my records before, I dont have that problem with static.

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