Top 10 NLL Lacrosse Fights of All Time

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  1. It looks funny bc I'm used to seeing people fight on skates
  2. Why are fights part of this game? Solid ground with bearly no armor makes it look dangerous.
  3. As a hockey player, can someone please explain to me why they jersey grab? Lol they're not hockey players not sure why they need to keep their balance on turf.
  4. Yeah definitly reminds me of the fights in middle school. Lot of fuz, huge crowd gathered around the contestents but in the end you get three slaps and a riped t-shirt. Lame af
  5. didn't know they could fight
  6. WTF. Give them knives at least.
  7. Lacrosse to probably the most underrated sport in the world it is a shame. i hope it will grow
  8. Is there still fighting in lacrosse
  9. so they don't know how to fight? bunch of big gay babies it looks like
  10. lacrosse fights=joke
  11. I feel like I'm watching that gang knife fight in Michael Jacksons beat it video
  12. Lacrosse/Hockey "it's manly to fight"
    Basketball/Football "think of the children."
    hypocrisy at its finest.
  13. lacrosse is where it is at. those fags in the NFL just Dance, homos!!!!
  14. Professional lacrosse is such a shit show
  15. Can't Americans play a sport without turning it into a brawl. This is such a bunch of contrived shit to make it more interesting. In the uk lacrosse is played by posh teenage girls.
  16. Wanna be ice hockey players.
  17. why?
  18. Lame
  19. Is this in no particular Order? the number 9 fight shoulda been way higher
  20. NLL look fun :D

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