Top 15 Biggest Animals on Planet Earth!

Can we get 400 likes in one week to beat my current most liked video? My Favorite is the Megalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived What is your favorite Biggest Animal? World's Biggest Animals All Time | Biggest Animals| Huge Animals | BIG ANIMALS| LARGGEST ANIMALS Video Content List (Spoiler)! -------------------------------------------- Megalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived--Biggest Cricket--World Largest Worm--World Largest Gold Fish--MegaBat--World Biggest Coconut Crab--World Biggest Snake--World Biggest Lobster--World Biggest Rabbit--World Biggest Pitbull(Dog) Hulk--Super Cow Biggest Horn--World Biggest Snake--Megalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever LivedMegalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived---World Biggest Colossal Squid-World Biggest Alligator Ever Caught--Hogzilla Pig--The Biggest Animal on the Planet is Blue Whale!


  1. this is very Big
  2. ok
  3. what if the pitbull decided to attack the owner

    oh... she's fucked up
  4. bat but y
  5. those are scary
  6. Great video, but your English has a horrible accent buddy.
  7. Actually the biggest lobster in the world is 51.5 pounds.
  8. suprising
  10. how thes thing are big
  11. disgusting :(
  12. you cool dude... good job
  13. not trow
  14. i didn't know what he was saying
  15. good
  16. Niggga u lame
  17. that fucking pig is so fat I bet his farts cause global waring that's why there is global waring so much
  18. nice video
  19. People mock this guy because of his accent. They ask if he is retarded. Jackie Chan talks a bit like that. Go call Jackie Chan a retard!
  20. me too megalodon

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