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  1. KingMell
    YRND whatever
    Agent 00
  2. 1.YRNDJ
    2. Kingshawnn
    3. Jesserthelazer
  3. You should put hankdatank25 at at least number 2
  4. Pretty boy Fred
  5. <3 chris Smoove
  6. 3.kellhitemup 2. SoLLuminati 1. Prettyboyfredo
  7. smoove,csb,qjb
  8. Make a top 10
  9. LostNUnbound,King of the fourth quarter,and cash nasty
  10. prettyboyfredo,prettyboyryan and lostnunbound
  11. cashnasty kellhitemup chris smoove
  12. LNU, FGPryde and QJB
  13. prettyboyfredo
  14. chris smoove,cash,u
  15. Sub to me I am a 2k youtuber
  16. Pretty boyfredo lsk stack montana
  17. prettyboyfredo is number 1
  18. prettyboyfredo
  19. Hey man I really enjoy your channel content I love how your growing fast and posting daily. I was wondering if you ever wanted to collab on MYPARK or even BO3 anyway hmu if you want to PSN - DarrylTheGamer
  20. CashNasty should be #1

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