Top 5 Underrated Youtubers (2K Shoutout Series) Updated Requirements

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  1. Next time im finna b in this
  2. Are u still doing
  3. Can I be on the next episode?
  4. #watched sorry I'm so late
  5. This is a good vid for all the small YTers to learn some tips. Thumbnails are sooo important when you're small, and responding to all comments is a must. I have over 1K subs and I still reply to all my comments. If you can't do that when you have 300 or less you are just lazy. Cool vid, but you probably should have written a rough script before doing the commentary cause it ran really long for what you had to say. Also, 4X A WEEK!!! that is a crazy upload schedule for anyone trying to put out high quality content. That's 18ish vids a month and YouTubers with millions of subs don't upload that often.
  6. What if I just made 15 vids,but it's ok love your vids😄
  7. #watched keep it up Gs🔥🔥
  8. Bro I fell as tho I should make I just subbed from Davis channel and I took a break because I'm on punishment but I will be doing almost every day uploads like like I was trying to do the last two weeks also I think I need all the rest of your requirements
  9. u a gawd wait til 2k17
  10. 👌
  11. its hard asf to be consistent you got school a life a gf like damn
  12. Hopefully I'm in the next shout out video I'm one of the best youtubers out hands down Naw FR 💯😎🤘🏾🔥
  13. Awesome video buddy, you deserve a lot more active subs so maybe check out my shoutout series were you will get about 50-100 active subs! (I have over 1,100+ subscribers and get around 200+ views per shoutout video) RULES 1. Sub to me 2. Stay active :D (Like, Comment on all my videos) :D MUST OR NO SHOUTOUT! Thanks so much for reading and feel free to check me out, if not then I apologize for wasting your time! Loved your vid btw keep up the insane work ! :D Just follow all rules to be in with a chance of winning the shoutout good luck :)

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