Ultimate Rugby Compilation (Hits & Tries)

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  1. What a great Video!!! Kiwi Respect Brother!!!
  2. Oh man, every time i see a clip with Jonah Lomu in, a tear comes from my eye.
  3. alguien sabe como se llama el fullback, el numero 15 que sale en el video en el momento de la haka.
    muchas gracias
  4. Thankyou for not putting this to fucking shit techno music!!!!
  5. Using band of brothers music for a non-military video, disgraceful to anyone serving in the armed forces, my good sir.
  6. Fuck we need this in America. Sign me up.
  7. That batman and transformer music in the background do
  8. i used to play in the kids rugby club
  9. Great vid
  10. I remember a game the All black decided they would do the haka in the changing rooms in stead of on the field because of all the complaining that was going on...All that the other team succeeded in doing was pissing off the 60 thousand strong crowd that missed out on seeing it and getting bashed by the All Blacks by 50 points. .I guess my point is it go's deeper then you will ever understand and if you don't get it ...you never will!
  11. 30% of the tackles I just saw were illegal. 
  12. such a shit sport
  13. Why do other nations have to stand there and let New Zealand lay down a WAR challenge. I've been singing the Frenchmans praise since their response at the world cup. Are we supposed to stand there and give them a psychological advantage? I think not. It puts New Zealand on a pedestal and everyone else at ground level. I hope this changes
  14. As a Sourh african I can proudly say that we are the only rugby playing nation that can contend with the all blacks consistently year after year. We are the only team that can not only face the haka with the utmost respect but accept the challenge and win. But I will say that the all blacks consistently produce the best players ever to play the game...Ritchie Macaw, Dan Carter, Andrew Mertins, Christian Cullen, Doug Howlette, Kerian Reid, Justin Marshall the list goes on...but. Lomu...wow
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  16. Hey Guys, Checkout the New Video! NBA Basketball - 'Gameday' (HD) - Inspirational
  17. -name of song from begining?!
  18. Who's the Scottsman at 3:15?! I just can remember his damn name!
  19. Haha Steve Borthwick refuses to take the ball from the guy when walking onto the pitch, love a bit of Borthwick

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