Usain Bolt 200m world record: 19.19!!! (+ Michael Johnson's reaction)

The actual race (starts at 1:10) and after reaction from Michael Johnson etc on this stunning stunning run!!! Plus short trackside talk with Usain Bolt.


  1. The commentator said towards 6:00 that usain doesnt have technique/./// wtf is wrong with this guy
  2. Ele levou menos de 20 segundos, mas o vídeo tem 10 minutos
  3. I'm reading the comments and everyone is talking about countries wining and losing.  All you're seeing no matter the flag is the descendants of slaves who ALL came from the same people in West Africa.  WE are all from the same Tribes in Africa with the same genetics.  Has nothing to do with the flag on their uniform, WE are the same people from the same families.  WE have to compete against ourselves cause no one else can compete on our level.
  4. But I have been born?
  5. Y
  6. Michael Johnson in 1996 ran from the 50m to the 150 m mark,a times 8.76 the fastest 100m ever and Bolt in his 19.58 100m ran from 60m to 80 m at a speed comparable over the full 100metres of 8.05 seconds.
  7. when he runs it legit looks like he has 8 gears and everybody else has 7
  8. Anyone know what spikes he was wearing?
  9. Blake's 19.26 time if you subtract the reaction times (Blake had a very slow reaction time) was actually run quicker than Bolt's 19.19 minus Bolts reaction time!!
  10. Usain Bolt - Eighth Wonder of the World
  11. gosh i mis read the name i thought it said reaction to michael jackson
  12. he is the fastest man ever
  13. he tecnicaly ran 100m in 9,595
  14. I was 2 years old in 2009
  15. I have also run 19.19 to but that was in 100m
  16. he is my inspiration
  17. Did anyone notice the camera man running in Usain's direction, apparently to take a pic of the "Lightning Bolt" pose? He was too late. Lol. Check it out @ 6:10.
  18. Just imagine if Bolt decided to dope, he would quite possibly break the 8 second barrier 99%
  19. We are watching a Master @ work
  20. I wanna have a race with you bolt I hope you see this post this is a challenge

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