World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

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  1. you r awesome &superbs I like 😍😍😍😍😍you sow much coby😍 can you plz replay me 😢
  2. Dude Perfect is awesome.
  3. Man it must take some balls to make a shot from that high up.
  4. awesome
  5. Most headphones broken in one video go's to... dude perfect
  6. none
  7. wtf the guy in blue said "gimme that!" REALLY rudely to the dude with the prize.I feel bad for the guy (at 6:17)
  8. how many world racords are these guys holding
  9. So much
  10. OMG sooo M****F**** Records
  11. besties buddy keep it up and over!
  12. is it crazy man
  13. 6:00 my glasses fell... well funny though
  14. I call hacks
  15. is This Legit?
  16. how long does it take them to make it
  17. no way
  18. u guys are very good
  19. World record for most times left hanging by not shaking hands in one day.
  20. Tyler your the beast

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