Worst Xbox 360 Collection Ever?

http://www.youtube.com/user/Blackbelt297?feature=mhum this is kinda a joke its not the best collection ever.


  1. I also have a Xbox 360 console but only three games,has one of your subscribers could you give me some games
  2. Me
  3. can you give me a callof duty game please
  4. you got the best games for Xbox 360
  5. i have bad company 2
  6. I love Assassins creed 2 and brotherhood and revelations
  7. fuck*
  8. hktyyj
  9. Me
  10. Nice collection
  11. it's not the worst
  12. The worst collection is no games
  13. Terrible video
  14. who would be seeing this video in 2017
  15. im watching in 2017
  16. So does anyone have a Xbox 360 like me and a Xbox one as well
  17. Meme
  18. Halo 5 is the best halo
  19. sad
  20. those games were the best back in the day.

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