The Xbox 360 Collection. Have had a 360 since release in Late 2005. Great system and the best system Microsoft has put out so far. Enjoy the collection!


  1. What are the prices like nowadays?
    I went to GameStop 2 years ago and a lot of the 360 games were still at 20~50$ price tags.
  2. is xbox 360 producing more games for 2017
  3. If he says here's the back one more time.....
  4. fuck you
  5. See that's one thing im glad isn't as common in the UK with game shops, the blank cases. I mean im not a full boxed manual kinda guy but aslong as the game is in the right case it's good enough for me. But Very rare that it happens here.
  6. wow give me some l have also some collection
  7. May i buy Culdcept Saga off you? I'm in California.
  8. No Supreme Commander 2? best game on the console
  9. I have like almost half of those games, nice collection dude.
  10. You can't say here's the manuAl and cd and here's the back 150 times in a video. It drove me crazy 12 minutes in . Love your collection bro but you can't say the same sentences over and over again if you want views
  11. I love the outfit!
  12. aaand theres the back haha great collection video dude
  13. And there's the back
  14. Saints row 2 is my fave xbox 360 game

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