Xbox One Game Collection September 2016

So I have been getting a lot of messages and comments to do an update on my Xbox One Collection. Well guys and gals here you the latest and greatest. Keep in mind that my digital games are not included in this list. Also watch the whole video for some secret giveaway codes. Thanks for watching, GT out and I see you guys and gals later, ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!! Go check out the website at, Curse Network Here are some social links you can go follow me at and stay up to date with the FFGT movement or my daily life; Instagram Twitter FFG Channels Final Feature Gaming Mexzcali Fury Pixel Kyro


  1. amazing collection man :)
  2. can u giveaway a call of duty infinite warfare or watch dogs 2 to ne
  3. liked your video and ur collection. also subscribed the channel. on next video plz give some more brief review on each game. thanks.
  4. you showed the trial code 😑
  5. respect for the shirt man
  7. Jesus Christ

    It's DEFINITIVE edition not DEFINITE edition or whatever the F you're saying
  8. Dope collection👍
  9. What a collection man amazing I wish I could have even just a console I don't even have a console man anyway Great video keep it up
  10. Gt You should get the game Sunset Overdrive homie
  11. Hello Final Feature Gt this si Luciano Osorio here nice job no the Video I'll give You a like
  12. man I which my collection was at least clost to yours
  13. my trunks sweater beats your shirt xp nice collection I'm building mine 1 month 10 games so far
  14. then collector's editions are boss AF. nice video FFGT!
  15. You have WAY more games than I do. At least in physical copies.
  16. Nice video
  17. Awesome collection GT!!
  18. love this man
  19. when is scorpio coming out
  20. Awesome collection

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